Environmental Responsibility

In accordance with our corporate objectives, we have voluntarily undertaken to support an eco-friendly environment, since we belive that such a commitment will contribute to an enhanced quality of life for all.

Our environmental commitment specifically consist of the following:

Scrupulous observance of all legislation governing domestic and international environmental care regarding the selection, cutting, and assembly of wood packaging.

In all cases, observance of control as to the origin of the wood and to its acquisition only from authorized and recognized plantations.

Commitment to observe and follow all the necessary production cycle procedures to prevent environmental pollution.

Social Responsibility

We are deeply committed to social responsibility and in this respect, together with La Fundación Vida y Esperanza (FundaVE), we have outlined certain actions that will help improve our environment.

Our collaboration with FundaVE has enabled us to contribute to the sustained growth of its activities and therefore to social improvementes, such as better education and enhanced work environment.

we are proud to be part of this process and thank the members of the board of FundaVE for the opportunity given.

Company Responsibility

SAMER I.T. is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and Indsutry of Tres de Febrero (CCI3F) working as a full member in diverse activities to integrate the academic, public, and private sectors, being our head proudly participate in the comprehensive and functional within the Board of Directors of that institution